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Foam Party Ibiza Style


Foam parties are without a doubt the most successful and popular Promotional activity within the Night-club Industry.


We were first company to introduce Foam Cannons to the U.K, and are now widely recognised to be the most experienced and largest operator of this type of equipment.


The Biggest - The Best - The Safest Foam Parties in the U.K


In addition to operating more items of equipment than any other company, we are the only operator which is able to offer our clients 5 different types of Foam producing equipment


These are:



With our original and unique Foam Cannons, we are able to spray a dance floor with Foam reaching a distance of approximately 20 feet. The majority of the lands on the customers heads, shoulder and upper body area, with very little actually reaching the floor, that which does will very quickly disperse.


This equipment has to date met with full approval of all Environmental and Fire Safety Officers to which we have demonstrated.


Whilst we continue to operate Foamblaster Foam Cannons we are pleased to announce that we are also introducing as a standard Foam Cannon the new MBN FC-400 giving our clients a wider choice than ever.



With 25 of these Cannons we are the largest Operator in Europe of this type of equipment.



A different type of Cannon which is particularly suited to those Venues which require a larger volume of Foam, but are not able to accommodate or justify the expense of 2 normal Foam Cannons.


The Strong Cannon will produce approximately 40% more Foam than our standard model, you should however remain assured that this will not create any more water residue at the end of the evening than our original machines.


The cost of hiring this Cannon is only slightly higher than our original model, but will result in your customers noticing and enjoying a far greater output of Foam.



We have now acquired what is without a doubt the most powerful Foam Cannon in the U.K


With this Cannon we are able to produce more Foam and project the foam further than any other operator in the U.K


Do not be fooled by poor imitations and exaggerated claims


This really is the most powerful Foam Cannon in the U.K - FACT





Also known as the Titan, this is not a Foam Cannon but a monster Foam Generator as seen in Ibiza, this is the most powerful

Foam producing machine available, capable of filling a dance floor with Foam to a depth of 4 feet in a matter of minutes, however you should be aware that because of the sheer volume of Foam generated the water residue at the end of the evening is considerably more than that left by Foam Cannons, because of this we do offer a clean up service for a small additional charge.



This item also produces the same effect as it's big brother but utilises a smaller Foam producing head making it ideal for the smaller Club premises.

This still generates far more Foam than a Cannon and is more than capable of filling a dance-floor in minutes.




 WARNING             WARNING              WARNING            WARNING


We appreciate that since introducing this equipment into the UK, a number of smaller operators have jumped onto the bandwagon to take advantage of the popularity of this equipment, you should however be aware that in the wrong hands and using the wrong type of Chemical, Foam Parties can potentially be dangerous to your customers.


As the original and most experienced Operators in the U.K we are able to provide full Health and Safety documentation to satisfy even the most stringent Environmental Health Officer.



Contact Information

Telephone 01202 287175



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