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We now offer the only









The National Miss Wet T Shirt Tour is the longest running Night-club Promotion in the UK.

Now in itís 30th year, last years tour took place in over 100 clubs, and is now thanks to coverage by

The Adult and Playboy Channel broadcast on Satellite and Cable Television throughout Europe.



We have extensively toured this show on behalf of

Nuts Magazine and Sunday Sport


To be a part of the Tour this year and increase your Box Office takings considerably call us now.


Combine this with a Mr. Wet Boxer Shorts competition to provide a complete night of entertainment for all of your customers.




Do not be fooled by cheap imitations



This is the competition that your customers have come to know and expect.



Do not disappoint them!!





The Title Miss Wet T Shirt Competiton


Is protected by Trade Marks registered to the entertainment biz, the use of the wording Miss Wet T Shirt is only available to those clients who book through the offices of the entertainment biz



Contact Information

Telephone 01202 287175
Email: entertainmentbiz@btinternet.com








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